Oops: Democrats Attack Jim Justice For Hiring Practices at Greenbrier

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It's no secret that West Virginia Democrats aren't in love with Jim Justice - they even sought out a former Democrat gubernatorial nominee to run against Justice in the general election.
Now, national Democrats at the Democratic Governors Association are making it known they are upset with Jim Justice's hiring practices at the Greenbrier. 
In a recent TV ad in the Montana governor's race, the Democratic Governors Association criticizes the use of a visa to hire foreign workers. They refer to using a visa to hire immigrants as a "special visa to fill jobs with foreign workers."
But what the DGA pretends to forget is, their handpicked candidate Jim Justice used visas to fill jobs at the Greenbrier with foreign workers, via the J-1 visa program.
Since the DGA views the use of the visa programs as a disqualification to serve, it brings up some very important questions. Will the DGA soon declare they are no longer supporting Jim Justice for governor? Is this the payback by Hillary surrogate and DGA Chairman Dan Malloy for Justice announcing he won't support Hillary Clinton?
Former Greenbrier Employee Clare Deegan's list of responsibilities via her LinkedIn Profile: "Management of J1 Visa International internship and training programs (100+)"(, accesses 8/31/2016)
J-1 Visa Description: "The Exchange Visitor (J-1) non-immigrant visa category is for individuals approved to participate in work-and study-based exchange visitor programs." (U.S. Department of State, Accessed 8/31/2016)
DGA Attacks Montana Gubernatorial Candidate For Utilizing Visas to Hire Foreign Workers: "RightNow Was Certified for H1-B visas to fill jobs in Bozeman with foreign workers." (DGA TV Ad, 8/31/2016)
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