Day 6: Justice Refuses To Present Budget

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More Than $210,000 In Tax Dollars Wasted By Do-Nothing Governor
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Another day, another $35,000 wasted by lazy Governor Jim Justice in his failed Special Session. The tab is now over $210,000 and Justice has yet to even present or propose a budget of any kind to the Legislature since summoning them twice for a Special Session.
"The only thing 'Special' about either session has been what an especially terrible job Jim Justice has done. Maybe he has no idea how the West Virginia Constitution works, but it is his job to send the Legislature a balanced budget. This is the sixth working day of Justice refusing even to have his staff write the bill," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "The Legislature can't do much without a budget and Justice won't even send one. He'll show up, complain, bully and yell. But he won't just do the job taxpayers now regret electing him to do."
Republicans passed a conservative balanced budget at the end of the regular Legislative Session. But Justice vetoed it because he wanted to expand state spending by hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, despite the public cry to drain the swamp in Charleston, Justice still wants to make the swamp bigger.
"We're not sure Justice has any idea what he's doing. Yesterday he told the House of Delegates that he almost ran for Governor as a Republican," Lucas said. "Rest assured we want no part of dishonest folks like him or his puppetmaster Joe Manchin in our conservative party."
New charges against Justice and his companies became public Wednesday in the Clarksburg Exponent and State Journal, which claimed that a Justice-owned company refused to pay for a thousand tons of coal worth more than $140,000 from a smaller mine in McDowell County.
"He won't pay millions in taxes and fines. He won't honor pledges to charities. He pockets the salary he said he would not take as Governor. And he's being sued by countless vendors and counties in southern West Virginia," continued Lucas. "It would seem the Legislature can't trust the governor any more than any vendor ever has."

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