Justice Still A Deadbeat

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113 Days Since Elected, Still Won't Pay Taxes
Call Jim Justice At 304-558-2000 & Tell Him To Pay His Taxes
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- He has no shame.
West Virginia Governor Jim Justice was elected 113 days ago and still won't pay the $4.4 million in back taxes owed to West Virginia, counties and his company's own employees
Worse still, he's demanded tax increases of at least $450 million a year from West Virginia families and businesses. That's the biggest tax increase in state history.
It's up to Republicans and citizens who can't afford his liberal plan to call Jim Justice at 304-558-2000 and tell him to pay his taxes before he asks us for a penny more. 
You can keep track of how long it's been at our website, The Jim Justice Tax Clock.

"Jim Justice has flat-out lied. To media, to voters and to the future of West Virginia. He claimed he'd pay his taxes. He hasn't," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "Now, after telling voters for a year that he opposed tax increases, his first move is a $450 million tax increase? He's untrustworthy and someone in whom citizens can have zero faith."
Justice can't seem to make up his mind which taxes he likes best, but he has already publicized two plans which add to income taxes, business taxes, soda taxes, gasoline taxes and says he's ready to put tolls on every road in the state. 
Is there anything he won't tax?

"We want all West Virginians, who care about their wallets and the future of their children to call the Governor's Office at 304-558-2000 and let him know that 99-percent of us can't pay the freight for tax avoiders like himself," said Lucas. 
"Our conservative plan to cut waste in Government and join President Trump in putting folks to work will write West Virginia's Comeback Story. No longer can tired taxing liberals like Jim Justice and Joe Manchin have the keys to our future."
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PO Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25301 
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