Deadbeat Justice Companies Sued Again

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Refusing To Pay For Flood Repairs At The Greenbrier
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Money problems grow for liberal Governor Jim Justice, whose companies were just sued again for refusing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in flood damage work
The suit, filed in Greenbrier County, accuses Justice's companies of refusing to pay vendors for repairs to his properties that let the Greenbrier open mere weeks after the massive 2016 flood.
This new suit, filed by Belfor Inc., follows a December suit by BMS-CAT in Federal court for more than $700,000 for unpaid work done last summer. Both companies have already sought Mechanic's Liens in an effort to collect what is owed by the Justice team.
"It's no surprise if Jim Justice refuses to pay companies that did honest work to make sure his hotel and golf course could re-open last year. It's just another of a laundry list of bills that Justice insists on not paying, despite claiming to be the richest man in the state," said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas. "He owes payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, severance taxes, property taxes, fines, penalties and now these liens for the very workers who bailed him out in the face of the biggest natural disaster here in decades. Clearly, no one can count on the word and honor of Jim Justice."
Prior reporting by local and national outlets indicated at least $15 million in past due liabilities to states, counties and the Federal government. More bills for spurned vendors and the like seem to turn up weekly as the Justice Family fails to pay bills for honest goods and services.
"As Jim Justice pushes huge tax increases down the throats of every West Virginia resident, business and tourist, remember that he cannot be trusted," said Lucas. "Justice campaigned in bad faith last year by claiming he wouldn't raise taxes and claiming he would pay his debts. The fact is, Justice is a trojan horse for his real liberal puppetmaster, Joe Manchin. West Virginia families deserve better."

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