Flip-Flopper Manchin Can't Decide On ObamaCare

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Says One Thing To D.C. Pals, Another To Folks Here Opposes Helping Trump Fix Health Care For All Americans  

Flip-flopper Joe Manchin likes to say one thing to West Virginians and another in front of his Washington, D.C. bosses.
Obamacare is deeply unpopular with the voters he represents. Yet, flip-flopper Joe supported the disastrous Obamacare bill in 2010.

But, then
said he wouldn't support it when West Virginians voiced their
opposition to the failing ObamaCare bill.

All the while, premiums surged on an average of
169% over the last four years.

So, which one is it?
"Flip-flopper Joe Manchin will say or do whatever it takes to appease liberal party bosses at an attempt to get re-elected. One minute he touts the disastrous Obamacare law to his Democrat colleagues, and backtracks in front of voters the next. It is sad to see Joe play games with our broken healthcare system at the expense of West Virginia families," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas.

"We deserve a Senator with the
political courage to stand up to D.C. and fight for our values."   
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