Governor Justice Lied To Voters

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Absent Democrat Pockets Full Salary
While His Companies Duck Millions In Back Taxes 
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The Special Session enters its third day as Jim Justice refuses to even propose a budget bill to the Legislature. Today, taxpayers are forced to spend another $35,000 to keep Legislators waiting for the Governor to bother to do his job.
This shouldn't be surprising, that Justice is wasting everyone's time, after the year of lies that got him elected.

"Jim Justice is, flat-out, dishonest. Since he announced his run for office, he said he would accept no salary as Governor. And that, was a lie," said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas. "State records show he's taken at least $48,000 in paychecks since January and hasn't paid back a cent. The 'billionaire' claims he doesn't want anything for himself, but he clearly can't be taken at his word."

Justice's many companies are also reported to be millions of dollars in arrears in taxes, fines and interest payments, most notably $4.4 million owed in tax liens in West Virginia coal counties. When asked in public, he's told media he would take care of the problem. Sadly, he hasn't.

"The folks at NPR found at least $14 million owed to governments in several states, and now there are suits that say Justice won't even pay the companies and folks who helped him clean-up and re-open the Greenbrier last year," said Lucas. "West Virginia's Comeback Story can't take flight if weighed down by such a disreputable man, who refused to pay the millions in taxes owed by his companies. His ethics issues multiply by the day. Jim Justice collects a full salary, yet refuses to live and work in Charleston. We cannot trust someone to lead our beloved State who cannot handle his own affairs and lies with so little regard for our citizens."

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