HOPPY SAYS: "Justice Company Debts Damage Governor's Credibility."

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Unpaid Taxes, Fines & Debts Still In The Millions
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- This morning, West Virginia's top statewide news host Hoppy Kercheval wrote his column on Governor Justice's deteriorating relationship with tax collectors, courts, the voting public and the truth.
It was reported last week that Justice had new debts just since last October totalling more than $1.5 million in fresh tax liens for his businesses in Kanawha County, and was hit with a $1.24 million bill for contempt of Federal Court and failing to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars in coal mining equipment from a small business.
The 'money' quote today from Hoppy Kercheval of MetroNews?
"How can he ask West Virginians to pay additional taxes or criticize the Legislature for not putting more money toward drug treatment when his companies have outstanding tax liabilities?"
You can read Hoppy's entire column at this link or at
We encourage citizens to call Governor Justice's office at 304-558-2000 and ask for the Governor to immediately pay the millions owed to our state, county and even Federal government.

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