Justice Wants $450 Million In New Taxes & Fees On W.Va. Families

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Democrat Gov Breaks Campaign Promises, Over & Over
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas issued this statement on tonight's pledge by Democrat Governor Jim Justice to raise taxes by over $450 million dollars:
"Tonight, Governor Justice relayed to us his deeply unserious approach to fixing our state's problems. For more than a year Justice told West Virginians that we are taxed enough and that he would not raise taxes. 
Tonight, he sits on a throne of lies.
Gasoline taxes, sales taxes, more tolls, more fees. While claiming to support Donald Trump, Justice has followed the blueprint of the liberals of our past like Gaston Caperton and Joe Manchin by raising taxes, spending more money and attacking the very families still trying to survive here.

Voters last year asked for change, versus more of the same. Jim Justice is, sadly, more of the same. And we will fight with every conservative bone in our bodies to ensure that we solve our state's problems by right-sizing our government and growing our economy, not raising taxes like the Party of Obama.
Perhaps we'd be more understanding if Jim Justice would pay his taxes before proposing to raise them on every West Virginian."

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