Broken Promises: Justice On Tour!

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Prior "Jim's Promises" Broken Include:
Not Paying His Taxes, Raising Our Taxes, Not Taking Salary As Gov.
HURRICANE, W.Va. -- Today, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice will start his Broken Promises Tour in Putnam County, promoting his "Jim's Promise Program" and the road bond scheme hatched for an October 7th Special Election.
After lying about not raising taxes and refusing to pay millions of his own bills, Justice now will ask the people for billions of dollars to spend. He claims it will create jobs. Jim Justice claims a lot of things.
"Here we go again. This Governor is going to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars advertising his dishonest Promise, and more than $2 million for this bond election," said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas. "He gives us no details. He insults taxpayers at every turn. And he still won't come clean and explain why a supposed billionaire won't pay millions in taxes owed by his various companies. We can't trust Jim Justice."

Justice will visit Putnam County and Harrison County today, trying to fool voters into giving him a blank check to build new roads, all of which he claims to want to toll. Sounds terrible.

"Justice wants to raise taxes, raise tolls, and put new tolls on every road he can while he is Governor," said Lucas. "It's our job to make sure he can't do anything else to damage this state until we can get a conservative into the Governor's Mansion where he refuses to live."


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