Justice Caught Trying To Take $500,000 For His Greenbrier Golf Tournament

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Forced To Drop Unethical Request For Tax Dollars
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Liberal Governor Jim Justice was caught this week, trying to take a half-million taxpayer dollars out of the State Treasury to put into the coffers of his Greenbrier Classic PGA Golf Tournament. 

Luckily, thanks to Republican protests and a watchful media, last night the Governor backed off of the move to pocket more money from citizens.

"It was a bold strategy to try to tell the Ethics Commission to look the other way while the Governor tried to order $500,000 directly into the pocket of The Greenbrier and his ritzy golf tournament," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. 

But putting taxpayer dollars directly into his company or golf tournament is pretty remarkable even for him."
The Governor's Commerce Department put out a press release (below) late Thursday night, backing off the golf sponsorship, after a shaming article in the Charleston Gazette. It said the plan required a special emergency waiver from the Ethics Commission next week to even be considered, and would violate current state law.

"That's just how this Governor operates. He wanted to change the rules to slip a half-million dollars into that golf tournament at his resort hotel and casino," said Lucas. 

"It's amazing all the good things this state could do with that $500,000. You could send 105 West Virginia students to college next with full Promise Scholarships for the year with that $500,000. We'll take those aspiring students every time over subsidizing a billionaire's golf course and resort."

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