Justice Fails Again

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Wasting Taxpayers' Money Again
Low-Energy Governor Too Lazy To Propose A Budget 
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas released this statement on Governor Justice's failure to even come up with a budget again for the Special Session.
"For a year, Jim Justice lied to voters about not raising their taxes. Then, he vetoed a conservative balanced budget last month. Now, Justice twice has called a Special Session to pass a new budget. But neither time did he even bother to present a budget. 
At $35,000 a day, he's now wasted well into the six-figures while refusing to do his job. Is his office incompetent? Is Justice just lazy? Or, is this just the real Jim Justice? The one who doesn't pay taxes, doesn't pay bills on time, and one that again just won't keep his word. West Virginia deserves real leadership and a balanced budget. 

We advocate our conservative leaders get the job the done where this Governor won't. And we ask this low-energy liberal to stop wasting our state's time and precious resources."
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