SHOCK! W.Va. Gov. Insults Handicapped Accessible Restrooms

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Embarrassing Justice Tells State Senate To Defy ADA, Deny Access
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Today, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice attacked the West Virginia Senate for spending $800,000 to make public bathrooms at our State Capitol more accessible to our disabled and mobility-impaired citizens. That's just wrong.
In a scathing press release, Justice spoke about "gold-plated toilets", when a simple walk up one flight of stairs to the West Wing of the Capitol would have shown him inaccessible public bathrooms (pictured above) which have not changed since the 1930s. That's insulting to our state and to the aged, veterans and disabled who will be assisted by these updates.
"Jim Justice never ceases to embarrass the state. Today is no different," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "We do our best to keep our public facilities up to the standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and will spend the funds necessary to make our Capitol accessible to all. It is depressing to use these public facilities and see other valued citizens often unable to use them owing to lack of a handrail or space to turn a wheelchair. This is just another attack on the dignity of this state by an absentee Governor."
Speaking earlier today to West Virginia Metronews, State Senate President Mitch Carmichael wondered aloud about the Governor's faculties and criticism of ADA public bathroom upgrades ordered and planned in 2009.
"Here's a governor who had the indignity and the disrespect to bring cow feces into the State Capitol and unveil it, and now he's going to criticize the state Senate for upgrading the restroom facilities that are now almost 85 years old. These public restroom facilities are non-ADA compliant."
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