Justice Sits On Throne Of Lies

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Liberal Governor Still Refuses To Pay Millions In Taxes
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas issued this statement following this morning's embarrassing statewide media appearance by liberal Governor Jim Justice:

"This is a man clearly afraid to face the real men and women who elected him by placing their hope into his false promises. Instead of working to cut state government, he sent a budget that is at least $318 million larger than last year. That's a dangerously unserious approach to real problems.
Jim and his companies owe at least $4.5 million JUST in taxes JUST to West Virginia. That doesn't include his fines, taxes and penalties in several other states.
One man -- one man alone -- is responsible for ONE PERCENT of what he's asking the other 99 percent of West Virginians to pay.
This conservative Legislature will work on protecting the 99 percent of West Virginians who do pay their taxes. Our team represents that 99-percent.
West Virginia's Comeback Story starts with cutting the government that chokes our citizens, not making it fatter. Jim Justice sits on a massive throne of lies."
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