Deadbeat Jim Justice At It Again!

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His Company Loses $1.23 Million In Court Ruling, Refused To Pay For Coal Mining Gear, No Showed Court
"The stories about Jim Justice not being a man of his word are legendary in southern West Virginia. No one will extend him or his businesses credit because they know he will refuse to pay," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "Not paying for flood cleanup at The Greenbrier, skipping tax payments to help local schools, and even refusing to pay payroll deductions for employees of his companies. There doesn't seem to be any bill he won't try to duck. There are no handshake agreements you can make with a dishonest player like this Governor."
After a full year of running for office and claiming he wouldn't raise taxes, Justice started the year demanding $450 million to grow government- the largest tax hike in state history. Now, he whines and complains because Republicans stood up to bullying tactics and his liberal plan.
"West Virginia deserves a true conservative and person you can trust in the Governor's Mansion, not someone who has lied to all of us at every turn," said Lucas. "The ethical problems of this administration will soon become obvious. West Virginia must use the opportunity next year to defeat Justice's puppet master Joe Manchin, and find a real leader in 2020 who can truly pilot West Virginia's Comeback Story."

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