Justice Companies Owe $742K In Back Taxes For Logan Mine

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Refused To Pay $434K For Miners' Social Security, Health Care
CHARLESTON, W.Va. --  It just never stops with Jim Justice. The lies, The unpaid bills, The broken promises.
Now, the liberal candidate for Governor is in trouble in Logan County, where his companies have failed to pay more than $742,000 in overdue Federal taxes. Worse? $434,000 of that money was for Social Security and FICA payments to his employees, some of which are now in arrears for three years.
"Our hard working miners and their families counted on Jim Justice to make payroll and pay his obligations, so that they could have the retirement and future health care they paid for with their hours of work underground," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "Not only did Justice and his companies lie to these miners in Logan and elsewhere, they have jeopardized their futures by not paying these Federally mandated parts of payroll. Defrauding the Federal government and the IRS is a Federal crime.

In the Charleston Gazette report this weekend, Justice's company in Logan, called Kentucky Fuels, also failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of excise taxes and failed to pay the State of West Virginia for unemployment compensation.

This story is just another in a series of reporting in regional papers with Justice companies having back debts to governments in West Virginia and Kentucky of at least $7 million dollars in the last year.  

"West Virginia deserves a Governor who is conservative, conducts himself honestly in business, and knows the Comeback Story in West Virginia requires real change, not more of the same," Lucas said. "This fall, a vote for Bill Cole as Governor is the only way to stop the corrupt Obama-Justice Team and Make West Virginia Great Again."

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