FLASHBACK: Justice Promised Boy Scouts $25 Million, Hasn't Paid

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Now Tries To Use Tax $$ To Make Up For It
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- After deadbeat Governor Jim Justice announced today he was spending $400,000 in taxpayer funds to help the Boy Scout Jamboree, it seemed like the right time to remind folks that Justice himself still owes the Scouts millions.
It was reported last year that Justice has refused to make good on his promise of a $25 million donation to the Boy Scouts in 2011. Those news reports stated that Justice still owed $20 million of that pledge. Now? He's trying to make up for it by giving away our tax dollars.
"Jim Justice has made a strong policy of lying to pretty much everybody. Voters, folks he does business with, charities, and especially the Boy Scouts," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "He promised them $25 million six years ago and hasn't even paid 20 cents on the dollar it appears."
In addition to the Boy Scouts, Justice was also reported last year as paying zero of a $10 million pledge to the Cleveland Clinic.

"He won't pay taxes. He won't pay small businesses who service The Greenbrier and his coal mines. And he won't even pay charities that he promised millions," said Lucas. "Jim Justice truly has no shame."


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