Justice Stands By $450 Million In New Taxes

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Touring State At Taxpayer Expense To Raise Our Taxes
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas released this statement on Governor Justice's Statewide Tax Tour.

"It's clear the Governor is deeply unserious about cutting the state budget. Instead, he's spending three straight days touring the state at our expense to sell folks on the message of the biggest tax increase in West Virginia history. Good luck with that. 

Our conservative legislative team in Charleston has a budget that is no bigger than last year's. It's all our people can afford. To grow this economy again, we need to cut taxes and expenses, not follow Joe Manchin's puppet down the road of debt again. 

Our job is to run our state as we would run our own homes by spending no more than we have. Sadly, this tax-dodging Governor does not yet understand that our people are tired of his lies and him wasting our time. While Justice whines around the state, using public employees as props, adults in Charleston are trying to fix the budget problems his liberal team built for 80 years."
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