Justice Pushes $450 Million In New Taxes, Fees

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Touring State At Taxpayer Expense To Raise Our Taxes
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas released this statement on Governor Justice's Statewide Tax Tour and continued failure to pay millions in past tax obligations for his employees, local counties and schools.

"This Governor ran on a platform of not raising taxes. Oddly, he has asked for the largest tax increase in state history, in an attempt to scare off the remaining businesses and citizens who have stayed here to write our state's Comeback Story.
That's dangerously unserious and shows he'd rather grow government than grow the economy here. Our Legislative team has a conservative balanced budget that is what our people can afford in the wake of Obama's War On Coal. Instead of cutting spending, the Governor travels the state threatening to cut programs if he doesn't have the largest budget in state history. That's wrong.
The people and their representatives can't negotiate with a Governor Justice who has already broken his word so many times to voters and those who've tried to collect his millions in back taxes.
West Virginia deserves so much better than just another liberal spender who takes his marching orders from Joe Manchin in D.C."

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