LYING AGAIN: Justice Got $30K+ In State Funds

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Claimed He Wouldn't Take Salary,
But Took 6 Paychecks So Far
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- We've caught him lying again. That happens a lot with liberal Governor Jim Justice. But this time, it's especially egregious.

Justice campaigned on the promise that he would not take salary if elected Governor. But state records show that Justice has gotten six paychecks so far this year, for more than $30,000.

"This is just another untruth from Jim Justice. He's done it again," said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas. "For all of 2015 and 2016, he told voters and anyone who'd listen that he wouldn't take a salary or just a dollar."

Trouble is, the same state records request for the six paychecks above showed Justice has made no known donation back to the West Virginia State Treasury of any of that salary. 
The West Virginia State Auditor's office reported via Freedom Of Information request that he's being paid $5769.23 every two weeks, and has been getting money since January 20th.
He and his companies owe millions in back taxes for our schools and counties, but he has pocketed this money.
"Our President Donald Trump just donated his first three months of after-tax salary Monday to the National Parks Service, totalling more than $78,000," added Lucas.
"Jim Justice is nothing at all like Donald Trump. President Trump keeps his word and is a generous man out of his own, rightfully earned funds. Justice is the kind of man who will lie to your face, lie to voters, and break his word, just to put more money in his own pocket. The fact that he asks for massive tax hikes while not paying his own and breaking his word on this salary is a testament to his true character."

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