Justice Demands More Tax Dollars For Greenbrier

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Governor Tries To Dodge Ethics Act To Take More $$ For Himself

That's right. Justice, who has lied for two years about paying his companies' own overdue taxes, now wants to spend more state money from the Commerce Department at the business he owns. That's just wrong.

"After five months as Governor, it's pretty clear that Jim Justice is exactly who we thought he was," said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad
 Lucas. "Tax cheat? Yes. Collecting ten grand a month in a Governor's salary he said he wouldn't take? Yes. And now he wants to manipulate the rules so his own executive agency can use state tax dollars to pay thousands or millions for his rich friends to stay at his own resort."

This comes after a tumultuous spring where Justice vetoed a balanced budget and tried to raise state taxes by $450 million dollars.

"The Jim Justice administration is more embarrassing than the one of his puppetmaster, Joe Manchin," said Lucas. "Unprofessional, unethical and unwilling to keep promises about not raising taxes and not taking a salary. Today, he wants your tax dollars to pay the bills for his resort. And still he wants to raise your taxes and tolls. The next election for Governor of West Virginia cannot come soon enough."

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