Justice Won't Stop Abortions Of Full Term Babies

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Refuses To Answer Questions About America's Liberal Genocide!  
CHARLESTON, W.Va. --  This weekend, the Charleston Gazette-Mail pressed liberal Jim Justice for his stance on abortion. Justice refused to give a straight answer. Even worse, Justice won't back the ban on abortions of viable children who are 20 weeks or older in the womb. Quite simply, Jim Justice is not willing to fight for the unborn.
"Jim Justice has cowered from reporters and citizens for more than a year," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "In West Virginia, our leaders, voters and families choose life but Jim Justice balked at simple questions related to key pro-life reforms passed by our Republican state legislature."   
In the Sunday Gazette article, Justice hides behind the Supreme Court, saying: "I am not in favor of abortion, however the Supreme Court ruled on this, and the law is the law."
It takes leaders to do the right thing. In the 2015 Legislative Session, the Republican-led Legislature first enacted a ban on abortions of babies aged 20 weeks capable of feeling pain, and in 2016 banned the torturous killing of babies in utero via the dismemberment abortion procedure. Justice won't answer questions about either.
"Conservatives statewide cheered our laws to protect babies and families since winning the House and Senate in 2014," said Lucas. "While West Virginia laws are now turning to reflect the values of our families, Jim Justice wants to allow the liberal Democrats in D.C. to keep attacking our values and taking young lives here. We cannot afford to have a radical abortion supporter like Jim Justice in charge of this state for even an hour. We must elect Bill Cole as Governor to ensure we take this state's conservative future forward and Make West Virginia Great Again."
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