Liberal Governor Pushes Tax Hikes, Govt. Shutdown

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Justice Too Busy With Marshall FB To Do His Job 
CHARLESTON, W.Va. --  West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas issued this statement on liberal Governor Justice's time-wasting press conference today and veto of the Republican-passed balanced budget:  

"This deeply unserious Governor is at it again. Today, he threatens to shut down state Government if he does not get his way on a massive tax increase

Justice now threatens our colleges and elderly instead of making the needed cuts to bloated spending programs. That's sad, and a false choice.

Republicans in our Legislature voted for a Balanced Budget and small cuts to programs that sadly now serve smaller populations as the War On Coal took its toll on our economy.

A veto by this Governor is solely a tool through which he wants to raise our taxes, and will most likely shut down the government he is so busy trying to grow. It's sad to see Joe Manchin again pulling the puppet strings of this distracted Governor.

Justice needs to focus on shrinking state government and paying his own voluminous overdue taxes and fines, not playing around with Marshall football. We deserve an adult Governor who views this a full-time job in Charleston.
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