"I Will Vote To Fund Planned Parenthood...." -- Manchin

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Stands With Abortion Industry Over W.Va. Values 
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas issued this statement on new video of liberal Senator Joe Manchin repeating his support for Planned Parenthood:
         "It cannot be any more clear after today that Joe Manchin is out of touch and no longer shares our West Virginia values. He has again, on camera, repeated his plan to use Federal tax dollars to support the work of baby-killing Planned Parenthood and its network of abortion centers.

          It is is sickening to see what Joe has become, surrounded by his liberal masters in D.C. While Donald Trump and conservative leaders do their best to grow the economy injured by Barack Obama, Manchin ignores jobs and families. Instead, he attacks the unborn by supporting the deadly work of Planned Parenthood.

         We encourage fellow West Virginians to pray for the victims of Planned Parenthood and vote for a Republican for Senate in 2018 who will protect Life.

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