Obama & Manchin Kept Promise

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Killing Coal: 83K Jobs Lost, 400+ Mines Close 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Campaign promises are hard to keep for Democrat leaders in West Virginia. But, there's been one issue on which they've been 100-percent honest......their plan to kill coal.

The D.C.-led Democrat Party did exactly what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton told them to do. Kill coal. And they've been incredibly good at it. Just ask anyone trying to run a business near a mine anywhere in West Virginia.

According to The Daily Caller, the coal industry has lost more than 83,000 jobs since the Obama Inauguration, including almost 11,000 in just the last year. The coal sector now has been cut in half as an employer, thanks to the Obama-Hillary-Manchin Team.

"For years, elected Democrats like Joe Manchin lied to our faces about coal and then went to Washington, D.C. to sell us out to liberals and the EPA," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "It was no shock in August of 2008 when Manchin spoke to America from the podium at the Democrat National Convention to tell us to 'do the right thing and elect Barack Obama as President of the United States.' But now, as his job-hating team succeeded in destroying energy jobs, Manchin has again chosen to back Hillary Clinton over West Virginia families."

Despite the War On Coal, still more West Virginia Democrats are doing their best to keep the Obama-Hillary Team in power. Jim Justice has given tens of thousands to the DNC. Attorney General candidate Doug Reynolds backed Hillary. Treasurer John Perdue refuses to this day to apologize for endorsing Obama. Agriculture Commissioner Walt Helmick voted for ObamaCare in the State Senate.

"The die is cast for these Obama supporters and liberals who put D.C. and the EPA over our families," said Lucas. "The way to ensure West Virginia has a comeback story is to vote for Donald Trump and our Republican candidates all the way down our November ballot. We can make Coal and America Great Again." 
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