Del. Rupie Phillips Leaves Dems

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WVGOP Welcomes All Conservative Friends To Trump Team
CHARLESTON, W.Va. --  West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas issued this statement of congratulations to Logan County Delegate Rupie Phillips on leaving the Democrat Party:

"Our thoughts are with Delegate Phillips as he today makes the choice thousands of West Virginians have made in the last decade. Liberal Democrats in Washington and Charleston have ruined the once dominant Party in West Virginia.  

We welcome them all to join the Trump Team, and Make West Virginia Great Again. 

Our citizens here, from every Party, want to defend Life, our American borders and the Second Amendment. They want to live free of government intrusion from the EPA to ObamaCare and most everything in between. 

We welcome conservative Democrats who no longer can go along with the ruinous path charted by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Joe Manchin

The Democrat Party has lost its grip on West Virginia as our citizens have risen up to take our state and nation back."
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