Trump's First Week Makes America Stronger & Safer

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Better Immigration, Stopping Vote Fraud, Pro-Life Top List
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas released this statement after President Donald Trump's tremendous first week in office, keeping promises:
"Donald Trump promised us action, strong and immediate, to fix the liberal path that has buried West Virginia's economy and weakened the greatest nation in world history. He keeps his promises. No President has done more in his first week to ensure this nation's future. Voters here overwhelmingly chose him to make sure that jobs for working Americans are the first priority of this country, not time and money-wasting distractions championed by the Left and their Fake News friends.
While Trump takes action to protect American lives and jobs, the liberals who opposed him march for open borders. It comes as no surprise that Hillary Clinton-endorser Joe Manchin again stands with liberals in Washington, DC against Trump and national safety.
While conservatives call for protecting the sanctity of our ballot box and life in the womb, the spoiled establishment fights against Voter ID and for unlimited abortions. 
The contrast is clear. Putting America First is the number one goal of this administration, and West Virginia stands with President Trump as he makes the hard decisions necessary to ensure this republic has centuries more history to write."

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