WVGOP Statement on President Trump's Address to Congress

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. - WVGOP Chairman Conrad Lucas's Statement On President Trump's Address to Joint Session of Congress:
"Tonight, President Donald J. Trump outlined an optimistic and bold vision for our country that will ensure economic prosperity and liberty for generations to come. President Trump has been fulling the promises he made to the American people at a record-setting pace, including bringing back American jobs, protecting our borders, reigniting the coal industry and nominating a mainstream conservative to the Supreme Court. This evening, President Trump expanded on his plans to pass an aggressive agenda that solves real problems for real people, makes sure every American who needs a good job gets one, and puts our nation's security first. While Democrat Senator Joe Manchin votes 78% of the time with fellow liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren, it is my sincere hope that he does not inhibit the progress Mr. Trump promises for our state and nation as he works to Make America Great Again."
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