ICYMI: Trump's W.Va Team Helps Put Coal Country Back To Work

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Putting The Stop To Another Obama-EPA Overreach
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- President Donald Trump and our West Virginia Team in Washington took another step last week to Put Coal Country Back To Work. With the removal of EPA regulations that limited our private property rights and hindered mining of coal, Appalachia has a fighting chance again to deliver energy to the nation and world. 
"Our Senator Capito and our Republican Congressmen McKinley, Mooney and Jenkins all fight to protect our way of life in Appalachia," said West Virginia Repiblican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "Now, we all share a leader in the White House who wants a strong economy, strong borders and a strong nation again. For our state, the strength comes from jobs that Obama's EPA tried to destroy. West Virginia's Comeback Story will soon be on the fast track."
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