Gorsuch Confirmed!

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It's Justice Gorsuch.
WVGOP Statement On The Court Confirmation
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virgnia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas issued this statement on the United State Senate confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
"Justice Gorsuch represents the promise kept of the Trump Presidency for which we all worked so hard last year. So many blows to this country's foundation in recent decades have come from assaults on the separation of powers by activist courts who legislate from their robes on benches nationwide. 
Gorsuch is an originalist who will preserve the conservative plan of our Founders and honor the will of so many who voted last fall in an attempt to turn this nation back toward liberty and sanity. 
We thank our Senator Shelley Moore Capito for her consistent support of this nominee. It is critical that judicial openings nationwide be filled with confirmed conservatives and scholars of this caliber."

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