WVGOP Statement On Charleston Anti-Religious Liberty Bill

WVGOP Statement On Anti-Religious Liberty Bill

Poorly-Written “Conversion Therapy” Ban Threatens Religious Liberty and Doctor-Patient Relationship

Charleston, WV- Tonight, the Democrat-controlled City of Charleston will be voting on a city bill seeking to outlaw “conversion therapy.” West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Mark Harris released the following statement:
The Democrat bill is a poorly-written attempt to solve a problem that does not exist. The real purpose of the bill is to attack traditionally-minded Christians and other religious adherents, undermine the freedom of speech and religious liberty, fracture the doctor-patient relationship, and seek out-of-state liberal donor cash.
The broad language in the bill would prevent religious conservatives from speaking out in favor of traditional family values. Equally bad, the bill directly undermines the sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship, preventing medical professionals from having honest conversations with their patients. The Democrats are bringing up this bill to hide from reality and actual issues facing Charleston: the murder rate doubled in 2020, homeless run rampant on the streets, and you can’t drive two straight blocks in the city without seeing multiple abandoned or vacant buildings.
In conclusion, the proposed “conversion therapy” ban is being used to distract from the Democrats’ complete and total failure to properly govern the city of Charleston. The bill is a tawdry cudgel used to impress donors and beat opponents into submission. I hope the City’s voters and media are not fooled by the obvious political games being played by the City Council.
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