Resolution on America Energy Dominance

WHEREAS, America energy dominance is of vital importance, both as an economic and national security issue. Prosperity and progress for our country and all Americans relies on clean, secure, affordable, and abundant energy.

WHEREAS, Our country has greater energy resources than any other place on earth. Our engineers and miners, the men and women who labor taps the forces of nature are the best in the world.

WHEREAS, America is the envy of the world because of its vast natural resources. Other countries see these resources as a blessing while Joe Biden and his climate change zealots see them as a curse.

WHEREAS, West Virginia is the nation’s fifth largest energy producer and has abundant fossil energy and renewable resources.

WHEREAS, West Virginia is the nation’s largest producer of bituminous coal, the most abundant coal mined in the United States.

WHEREAS, West Virginia has the fourth largest natural gas reserves of any state, overlying part of one of the largest US natural gas producing areas in the nation, the Marcellus and Utica-Point Pleasant Shales.

WHEREAS, Coal has significant importance in West Virginia, both culturally and economically, and is an energy source for our country and the world.

WHEREAS, In 2019, West Virginia was the second-largest coal producer in the nation, after Wyoming, and accounted for 13% of U.S. total coal production. And where one-third of the more than 93 million tons of coal mined in our state was exported to foreign markets.

WHEREAS, In 2019, after 62 years, under the Trump Administrations America First Agenda, the United States achieved energy independence where as a nation we produced more energy than we consumed. In that same year, 2019, the United States produced more oil and more natural gas than either Russia or Saudi Arabia.

WHEREAS, President Biden and Vice President Harris have made their intentions clear as their administration has immediately declared war on the fossil fuel industry including, but not limited to, the resource of coal and the practice of fracking, threatening our national security and economy

WHEREAS, the Biden Administration, their policies and elected Democrats have shown prejudice against the fossil fuel industries, precipitating a culture of negativity and constraint, lending to hardships in the sector, such as in insuring and bank financing.

WHEREAS, the Biden Administrations cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline was an attack on, and caused significant harm to the hard working men and women of America that supply energy, which is important to our economy and vital to our national security.

WHEREAS, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have waived sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline – a clear choice for foreign energy over American energy.

WHEREAS, As Democrats continue their assault on America’s hard-earned global energy dominance, our adversaries have positioned themselves to take advantage of America’s absence at the leadership table, while also making a profit.

WHEREAS, The Democrats continue prioritize climate change, above all else, to the peril of our country, as the United States leads the world in reducing energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, without top-down mandates and while continuing to provide affordable and accessible energy to Americans across the country.

RESOLVED, that the West Virginia Republican Party demands the Biden Administration reject attempts to constrain choice and replace consumer preferences with politically preferred technology and fuels that hurt the most vulnerable citizens.

RESOLVED, The West Virginia Republican Party rejects the Biden-Harris Administration energy and climate change policies, the Green New Deal, and the Democrats radical left agenda to destroy the fossil fuel industry in our state and great Nation.

RESOLVED, The West Virginia Republican Party reaffirms the belief that people are the ultimate resource and that the people, not the government, are the best stewards of our country’s God given natural resources.

RESOLVED, The West Virginia Republican Party believes in domestic energy and the American energy worker. RESOLVED, The West Virginia Republican Party supports the America First Agenda on Energy, to be aided by a free market, less regulations, and limited government interference.

RESOLVED, The West Virginia Republican Party supports the development of all forms of energy that are marketable in a fee economy without subsidies, including coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and hydropower.

RESOLVED, The West Virginia Republican Party believes that American energy independence is a worthy goal that must be achieved and maintained for the betterment of all Americans.

Submitted by Beth Bloch, Republican National Committeewoman

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