Chairman’s Report 12 – How to Get Involved in the West Virginia Republican Party

I often receive emails, calls, or in person inquiries from people who want to get involved in the WV GOP. Many of those who ask need to stay home or in their community. Some can drive to help with logistical issues, such as delivering yard signs. A few have the ability to come to Charleston on occasion. Since we are almost exclusively a volunteer organization, paid positions are rare. Please see below for a list that you can do to get involved. We truly love to have good Republicans on our active team.

Home and community involvement

  1. Vote, and encourage others to do so.
  2. Get on the WVGOP mailing list by contacting the office as indicated below.
  3. Give our staff your contact information, including name, mailing address, phone numbers (home, cell, work), email address, and other important facts. We will update our databases.
  4. Promote the WV GOP, our GOP candidates and incumbents, and conservative values to your friends and family.
  5. Direct people to our website at Read our news feeds and Chairman’s Reports.
  6. Forward wvgop emails to your conservative friends and family members.
  7. Help with our Calls to Action at
  8. Volunteer with your local county Republican party. The county chairs’ names and addresses are at You can help plan events, update the platform, work with candidates, raise money, demonstrate for and against issues, and do a host of other useful tasks.
  9. Run for a seat on your county GOP executive committee or to be a representative for a senatorial district. If elected, you will help chart the course for your local GOP in the future.
  10. Help the county committee to recruit candidates for local, district, and statewide officials. Volunteer to be a candidate yourself.
  11. Help recruited candidates to get elected, and stay informed about your representatives at every level once they are elected. Encourage them to vote in accordance with the conservative values detailed in our platform at
  12. Follow the progress of bills at the state and federal level. You can learn about them at Scroll down to find a link to the WV legislature and a link to GovTrack. Let your representatives know if you have concerns about a bill or about their vote.
  13. Go to as many local events as you can. Check with your county GOP executive committee and our event calendar at
  14. Write Letters to the Editor at your local newspaper, call in to your local radio, and get interviewed on your local television station about candidates or issues. Be succinct and be respectful to your hosts and the opposition.
  15. Post conservative messages on Facebook and in other social media.
  16. Provide honest and constructive feedback to the local and state WV GOP at
  17. Give money and other resources. For example, building owners with a vacancy can donate the use of their vacant office to the local GOP for a headquarters. Give money online at or contact the state WVGOP office with the information above.
  18. Become a local poll worker, with information at

Regional, Statewide, or National Involvement

  1. Keep informed on issues at
  2. Volunteer to help and participate at GOP events in neighboring counties and at the state level.
  3. Drive yard signs and other items to places throughout the state.
  4. Give to the WV state GOP at and as noted above.

Contact us

West Virginia Republican Party

PO Box 2711

Charleston, WV 25330

Phone: 304.768.0493

Fax: 304.768.6083



Conservative values have guided every successful civilization in the past 6,000 years of recorded human history, and those same values will guide every successful civilization in the future. Moving away from such values as traditional marriage and family, hard work, personal responsibility, property rights, free markets, small government, respect for our institutions and the rule of law, and a strong defense, will end in our destruction. Insofar as we stay true to Truth, we will win.

Reality wins in the end, and the progressive agenda will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions. We will harbor malice towards none and charity for all, for though our political opponents are badly misguided, they are our countrymen, are created as we are, and are subject to the same struggles between good and evil.

Join us in the West Virginia Republican Party, serving in any way you can, and you will share in the honor of the struggle and the fruits of victory.



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