Manchin Now Irrelevant As W.Va. House Repeals His Cap & Trade La

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Manchin Now Irrelevant
W.Va. House Repeals His Cap & Trade Law
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The West Virginia House of Delegates voted near-unanimously today to repeal former Governor Manchin's namesake Cap And Trade law that he signed in 2009. It's another clear sign of his loss of relevance and influence in West Virginia politics as the state elected true conservatives in 2014.
"It's a new day in West Virginia. The new Republican Majority has a conservative agenda to bring back our state's economy and expand our energy industries," said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas. "It's clear now, even among most Democrats, that the policies of Joe Manchin and Barack Obama have no place here. The voters rejected them at the ballot box and, now, conservative legislators will cross their policies out of the State Code as well."
After passing 33-0 in the State Senate this week, the House passed the repeal of Manchin's Cap And Trade Law today by a 95-4 margin, with Manchin's fellow Obama endorsers Del. Stephen Skinner and Nancy Guthrie leading that losing minority contingent.
"Manchin can't bear to have anything happen back home in West Virginia without trying to interfere from D.C.," said Lucas. "Starved for relevance and attention, he spent the last week begging for newspaper stories and broadcast air time to defend his Obama-inspired Cap And Trade law. The legislators saw through it. The citizens see through him. Coal is back in style, no thanks to Joe Manchin."
The combined Senate and House versions of the Manchin Cap And Trade repeal will go to Governor Tomblin for signature.
Joe Manchin Endorses Barack Obama, Repeatedly
Joe Manchin Endorsed Barack Obama
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