LUCAS: "Defeating Manchin The Most Important Task Ahead"

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WVGOP Rallies At Manchin Retirement Party
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas issued this statement on the visit of Joe Manchin's boss, Sen. Chuck Schumer, for tonight's W.Va. Democrat Obama-Hillary Dinner:
"Fifty-two weeks from now, West Virginians will be able to retire Joe Manchin from the Senate with their vote for a true conservative. 
Today, we celebrated that future with our retirement party attended by those who defend life, support the Second Amendment and champion President Trump's agenda.
West Virginia's future lies with the Party and platform who defend coal, not elitist liberals who refuse to protect our borders and freedoms.
Defeating Joe Manchin is the most important task that lies ahead in making West Virginia Great again."
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