Liberal Unions Trying To Buy Election

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West Virginia Is Not For Sale To Obama's Team
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Millions of dollars in attack ads are on the TV, radio and in the mail statewide against Republican candidates for the State Legislature. 
All of them paid for by labors unions and groups who actively support Barack Obama. 
"It's not a surprise that Democrats fear for their electoral lives as Barack Obama finishes the job destroying our coal economy and the national security of this nation," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "Sadly, its also not a surprise to see millions being spent to lie about that record of failure by the same folks who backed Obama in the first place. The D.C. Union leadership is about to learn that West Virginia is not for sale."
The dishonestly named Honest West Virginians PAC has raised at least $896,000 from labor groups like the American Federation of TeachersAFL-CIOIUOESEIUUMWAIBEW and more. Every one of them endorsed Barack Obama.  

 "The time in West Virginia for Barack Obama has passed. It's a tragedy that union dues from hard working West Virginians are funding the very politicians who have helped the liberals in D.C. destroy our coal jobs and state economy," said Lucas. "Obama's liberal friends will lie to you, just to maintain the stranglehold that has choked out our future and chased our children from this state for decades. They are disgraceful and embarrassing. You can punish them and Obama on November 4th with a straight-ticket Republican vote."

Below is an incomplete list of the broadcast television spending thus far that the Union groups have failed to report to the West Virginia Secretary of State since this effort began on September 30th.


More than $19,000 in ads on WSAZ 
More than $10,000 in ads on WOWK

More than $7,100 in ads on WTRF.
More than $7,000 on WDTV.
More than $6,900 on WBOY.
Thousands more on WVNS.

Paid for by the WV Republican Party,  
PO Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25301 
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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