Manchin's Flip-Flop On Planned Parenthood Is Sad!

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Claims To Protect Babies, Stands With Pro-Choice Liberals 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- This week, we've documented Senator Joe Manchin's long record of saying one thing to voters here in West Virginia while doing another in D.C.
Sometimes he can't even keep his story straight in the same week. Like in the picture above earlier this spring. Manchin proudly stood with Planned Parenthood employees. After public outcry, he quickly located some Pro-Life citizens to pose in a contrasting picture
"For nearly three decades, Joe Manchin has done his best to confuse voters, obfuscate his real views and please his liberal mentors in D.C.," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas.
"Flip-flopper Joe Manchin has no shame and will say most anything to get elected. Whether it's changing his mind on ObamaCare or trying to have it both ways on Planned Parenthood, no one really believes Joe Manchin. The voters here deserve someone who stands with our West Virginia values. Neither conservatives nor liberals can trust Joe Manchin to keep his word."

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