Manchin Will Do Anything He Can For Obama

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Joe Manchin Endorses Barack Obama, Repeatedly
Manchin Will Do Anything He Can For Obama
Backs Travel Scoundrel Landrieu, Liberals For Congress Here
 CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Still more proof this week that Sen. Joe Manchin will do anything he can to help President Obama keep Harry Reid in charge of the U.S. Senate.

Yesterday, Manchin sent out a fundraising request nationwide to help liberal Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu keep her seat. In addition to her vote for ObamaCare, Landrieu is now under fire for improperly using Federal dollars to pay for her campaign travel

"With every passing day, it is more and more clear that Joe Manchin's allegiances lie in keeping his D.C. masters happy and in power," said West Virginia Republican Party Chair Conrad Lucas. "If Joe Manchin cared about West Virginia, he wouldn't be out there campaigning for those who lawlessly created ObamaCare or championed the War On Coal."

Manchin has also actively campaigned for liberal candidates in West Virginia like Nick Casey, Glen Gainer, Nick Rahall and Natalie Tennant, all of whom endorsed Obama early in 2008 and 2012.

"This should all be no surprise at all," said Lucas. "Joe Manchin showed his true colors in 2008 at the Democrat National Convention, where he said, 'Let's do the right thing for America and elect Barack Obama the next President of The United States.' West Virginians await an apology."   
Joe Manchin Endorses Barack Obama, Repeatedly
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