Prevailing Wage Repeal Will Save Millions Per Year

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Freedom For W.Va. Taxpayers & Workers Starts Today In Senate
Prevailing Wage Repeal Will Save Millions Per Year
CHARLESTON, W.Va. --With the election of true conservatives to both sides of the West Virginia Legislature, we are now ready to open workplaces and save taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Today,  
"Citizens overpay for the construction of our schools, roads and public buildings by more than a hundred million dollars each year in our state," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "We owe it to them, and our children's future to get the most we can out of every dollar we spend. That starts with making sure the state gets a good deal when it pays to build anything. Prevailing Wage rates are artificially high, which means fewer jobs created and fewer buildings for the same tax dollars."

Repealing Prevailing Wage is one of several parts of the West Virginia Republican Party platform aimed at freedom for workers and lower costs for our local governments and citizens. 

Taxpayers deserve to get the best value out of their money, much as you do at the grocery store every week. While state wages are stagnant, Prevailing Wage rates have gone up 24% since the 2008 Recession.

"It doesn't make sense that construction work is the only field that is held under the government's thumb and forced to pay wages in excess of the market," said Lucas. "We need the ability for the Government to shop for the best deal. When we overspend for the same services, it means we get less than we deserve as taxpayers."

The repeal of the outdated Prevailing Wage law, SB 361, is the first of several critical reforms of our workplaces and businesses to help grow the West Virginia economy again.
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