PROMISES KEPT. Republican Majority Pushes Jobs, Energy, Freedom, Life

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Republican Majority Pushes Jobs, Energy, Freedom, Life
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Promises made. Promises kept.
When the West Virginia Republican Party filled the Legislative ballot with conservatives last winter, the mission was simple: To repair our economy and the laws that held it back for decades, so that every West Virginian can prosper again.
Halfway through this session, the new majority is on the way to grow more jobs, produce more energy, protect life and save taxpayer dollars.
"This is the busiest early session of my lifetime," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "That is because our leadership teams and committees are doing more, studying more, debating more and moving more conservative legislation than ever before in this Capitol. Every single day we do things that will restore this economy and reform a state government long in need of a new path."

Bipartisan majorities in both houses of the Legislature have passed bill after bill to ensure more freedom and an economy of which we will be proud. Many have already been signed into law.
"Thanks to the leadership of Senate President Bill Cole and our Speaker Tim Armstead, we move forward on the legal and court reforms needed to ensure justice is served fairly," said Lucas. "We freed our energy industries from Senator Manchin's namesake Cap And Trade Bill. We are took another step today in the House to value precious life and babies beyond the 20-week gestation age. We will audit and inspect every corner of state government for waste, fraud, abuse and corruption. And, we will make sure that our families have new choices in education, and our children can rise above the limitations of Obama's Common Core."
Late nights, long hearings and passionate debate are the order of the day right now in Charleston.
"The work now is hard, for our Legislators and our dedicated state employees," said Lucas. "But, every moment will be worth it. We now have a chance to undo decades of inattention and inaction. This is an opportuity for all of us to have the West Virginia our founders imagined. Prosperous and free."


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