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Glen Gainer Unsure Why He's Running For Congress

ELKVIEW, W.Va. -- Folks know that the West Virginia Democrat Party had trouble finding an opponent to face conservative Republican Rep. David McKinley. And it's clear now that his opponent Glen Gainer doesn't even know why he filed to run. Read More.


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. -- He endorsed Obama. He was cited for an ethics violation. He supports Obamacare. He supported high gas taxes. That's the truth about liberal State Auditor Glen Gainer, and four big reasons why West Virginia can't afford to send him to Congress. Read More.



Ultra liberal Glen Gainer is running for Congress to help Barack Obama finish destroying the W.Va. economy. Learn more about him at Watch.

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#ExemptMeToo Rahall

Tell Congressman Rahall to #ExemptMeToo. Watch.

Elected Officials

Federal Officials

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito represents the people of West Virginia's 2nd Congressional District in the 113th Congress, where she has been an advocate for policies that directly impact her constituents, including energy independence, quality healthc...

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WV State Legislators

Del. Ruth Rowan, 57th
Retired Educator Born September 12, 1948, the daughter of Clarence and Julia McMurray Llewellyn Education B.S., California University of Pennsylvania; M.A., West Virginia University Husband Thomas T. Rowan Children Julie Rowan Wolford, Thomas Lle...

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About West Virginia Republican Party

History of WVGOP

Although the national Republican party emerged in 1854, our ideals and values have developed over centuries. Henry II in the 1180s enacted the Assize of Arms, not just requesting but requiring that all good citizens carry arms for the protection of their nation. Alone among monarchs in Europe, Henry II trusted rather than feared his people. The 1600s saw a series of British kings attempt, but fail to establish tyranny. When the last of them, James II, was overthrown, British leaders recognized that an armed population could not only defend against invasion, but could also protect its freedom at home as well. British political philosophers in the 1600s speculated on the reasons for the existence of government. Some argued that government existed to protect life while others reasoned its primary role lay in protecting property. These ideas end up being primary themes in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, two of our most important expressions of freedom.

The Declaration of Independence expresses that men and women have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (originally stated as property.) Republicans recognize, as did the Founding Fathers, that rights come not from the government, but from God as part of His design for the natural world. The stated right to life reflects that Republicans cherish the unborn. Rights to liberty and property are also recognized as essential in a world constantly trying to restrict freedom and tax the rewards of our labor.

By the 1850s those that love liberty and sought to expand economic sought to create a movement that could challenge the power of the Democratic Party. Many Democrats since the founding of the Constitution had reasonably argued about state versus federal power. The 1850s saw the extremist fringe of their party growing in stature. It sought to declare that the enslavement of blacks was a positive good. Republicans from the party’s very beginnings placed a high value on human liberty and made abolition of slavery one of its most valued principles.

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I. REFORMING THE GOVERNMENT TO SERVE THE PEOPLE - The Republican Party of West Virginia believes that governments exist to serve and protect the interests of the individual, without compromising the rights of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that state government should provide only for those services that the individual cannot do alone and that smaller, more accountable and fiscally responsible state and local governments will better serve the citizens of West Virginia. We believe that Government should not grow beyond the growth in population and the rate of inflation, and that budget surpluses should be returned to the taxpayers who have paid them with a simplified and modernized tax system fair to all.

II. EXPANDING OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE PROSPERITY - We believe that economic growth can best be achieved by unleashing free enterprise, reducing regulation and creating a competitive environment. This includes developing a climate that encourages business investment, economic diversification and job creation that is fair to all. Read more.


Chairman Conrad G. Lucas II -- Biography

Conrad Lucas was born in Huntington and raised in Lincoln and Morgan Counties. His family history in West Virginia goes back to the coalfields of the 1790s. He is a product of West Virginia public schools but also holds a bachelor’s and doctorate degrees from Vanderbilt, a master’s from Harvard, a law degree from Tulane and a certificate in international law from the Sorbonne in Paris...

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Our Staff

Jason Huffman
Operations Director
(304) 768-0493

Matt Dailer
State Field Director
(304) 768-0493

Jordan Burgess
Data Director
(304) 768-0493

Matt Gallagher
Field Staff- Eastern Panhandle Region

Crescent Gallgher
Field Staff- North Central Region

Joe Reidy
Field Staff- Southern Region Read more.


Section 1. "The members of the Committee elected at the May primary for the year 1978, together with members of the Committee heretofore or hereafter elected to fill any vacancies shall constitute the membership of the Committee until their successors are appointed and qualify. At each June primary, beginning with the year 1980 and at the June primary election in the year 1982 each Senatorial District shall elect two male and two female members of the Republican State Executive Committee, not more than two of whom shall be residents of the same county, except in counties wherein one county constitutes an entire Senatorial District.  Such members so elected shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of the code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended. in Senatorial Districts containing two or more counties, not more than two such elected committee members shall be residents of the same county. The Committee, so elected from the Senatorial Districts, shall, at its organization meeting, appoint three additional members of such Committee from the State at-large and one additional member from each Congressional District."

Section 2. The duties of the members include regularly attending meetings of the State Executive Committee.

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Chairman Conrad G. Lucas II
Conrad Lucas was born in Huntington and raised in Lincoln County. His family history in West Virginia goes back to the coalfields of the 1790s. He is a product of West Virginia public schools but also holds a bachelor’s and doctorate degrees from Vanderbilt, a master’s from Harvard, a law degree from Tulane and a certificate in international law from the Sorbonne in Paris.

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