WVGOP Statement On Proposed Prevailing Wage Re-imposition

Charleston, WV- Below is the West Virginia Republican Party’s statement on the Republican Labor Caucus push for the re-imposition of the state’s prevailing wage law. Source: Charleston Gazette-Mail

Chairman Mark Harris:

The 2020 Party Platform clearly spells out the Republican Party’s opposition to a state prevailing wage law:
We oppose the re-imposition of a state prevailing wage rate law

Prevailing wage laws increase the cost of government and disadvantage small business. Eliminating the West Virginia prevailing wage law was one of the first actions taken after Republicans took the legislature in 2015.

We should not turn back the clock on West Virginia’s new pro-growth policies by putting our state back under Big Labor’s thumb. I strongly urge the Republican Labor Caucus to abandon their push to take our state in the wrong direction.

The West Virginia Republican Party will educate our primary voters on the prevailing wage issue. In addition, we will inform our base voters of those who vote against our conservative principles.

For Further Information: Contact John Findlay, Executive Director, Office: 304-768-0493