Erroneous Endorsement in Congressional Primary

May 2, 2022
Contact: John Findlay,
Error in Dominion Post Story on April 30
Charleston, WV- On April 30th, the Dominion Post released an article entitled A look at Congressional campaign finance figures for David McKinley and Alex Mooney. The article contained the following sentence:
Mooney was also endorsed by the state GOP for his anti-infrastructure vote.
The sentence is not true. The fact is the West Virginia Republican Party has not endorsed any candidate in any of the congressional races in the state. The Dominion Post has agreed to put a retraction online today and in print tomorrow.
Chairman Mark Harris’s statement is below:
The WVGOP has been and is neutral in this primary cycle. Period. End of story.
Neither the State Party nor its Steering Committee have voted to endorse ANY candidate for partisan public office this cycle. No such an endorsement has ever taken place.
I contacted the Dominion Post and they have agreed to print a retraction online today with a follow up in print tomorrow.
For Further Information: Contact John Findlay, Executive Director, Office: 304-768-0493

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