WVGOP Chair on Democrats Fleeing Their Party

August 14, 2023
Contact: info@wvgop.org

Charleston, W.Va. – West Virginia Republican Party (WVGOP) Chairwoman Elgine McArdle issued the following statement on Democrats fleeing their party.

“The West Virginia Republican Party is growing by the day, as more and more voters feel left behind by the Democrat Party and are developing an affinity for our common sense, conservative platform. As Republicans in West Virginia approach an unprecedented 100,000 registered voter advantage, it is clear that the Republican Party is the true governing party in our State, and we are a big tent for voters who believe in responsible governance. West Virginians who wish to join the Republican Party can do so at GoVoteWV.com.”

“While it is certainly exciting to witness these historic registration gains for the WVGOP, it is also important to recognize that anyone can change their party registration — that does not mean they necessarily subscribe to our values or our platform. Primary voters should be vigilant in researching candidates who seek Republican nominations to thoroughly ascertain where candidates stand on the issues and which office-seekers align most with their views.

McArdle concluded, “The West Virginia Republican Party welcomes all those who believe in our cause, and it will be the responsibility of Republican primary voters to nominate candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to Republican principles and ideals.”


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