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The Democrats are continuing to push the deceptive, unaffordable, and unnecessary “infrastructure bill,” all $3.5 trillion of it, through Congress. Contact Joe Machin now to oppose it:

Government Track –

Physical office locations and phone numbers


Contact Senator Manchin and tell him that he absolutely must oppose this terrible bill. And then keep contacting him so he doesn’t forget.

September 9, 2021|

Join the Election Integrity Taskforce today. Go to this link.

May 13, 2021|

Whenever you are having a public event in your area, or if a state or federal dignitary has an event in your area, complete the online event form on the WVGOP calendar. State and local GOP leaders may try to attend such events, benefiting everyone involved.

May 10, 2021|

Contact Senator Joe Manchin and ask him to support the Senate filibuster and oppose Biden’s and Pelosi’s attacks on West Virginia values and voters.

April 8, 2021|
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