Chairman’s Report – Immigration

America is the greatest country on earth, and many of us thank God every day that He placed us here. Tens of thousands of people across the globe share this belief and want to come to the United States and become legal Americans. We welcome them. After all, our ancestors were once immigrants, even those who came to America 500 years ago, or more.

Tens of thousands of others want to come to America but will not wait for the legal process. Many come to our southern border and walk, drive, swim, or sail across, endangering themselves and violating the laws of the United States of America. Our nation should welcome those fleeing communist dictatorships in places like Cuba and China, but others considering moving to America illegally should stay home.  If they don’t, we will send them back.

America doesn’t build walls to keep people in, as the former Soviet bloc did. If we build walls, it is to keep drugs, terrorists, and criminals out. Sovereign nations must control their own borders.

Even those states not on international borders, like West Virginia, need to be aware of what is happening. The Biden administration has asked West Virginia, along with many other states, to house illegal immigrants. If Joe Biden refuses to deport them, perhaps he could house a few at his mansion in Delaware.

The solution for population displacement in the world is not for everyone to come to the US. The United States cannot solve every problem on the globe, but if other nations start paying their fair share and stop riding on Uncle Sam’s dollar, we can solve many of them.

America wants immigrants who share our values and will work hard for the benefit of their families, our communities and our nation. We do not want immigrants who do not believe that all men are created equal, who believe that others owe them a living, or who wish to harm. The measure of a life is not what we get, but what we give.

Last week I spent some time in El Paso Texas and had the opportunity to see personally some of the happenings at the US-Mexico border. Three observations are especially pertinent.

1.      The border crisis is real, with thousands of people entering the US daily. At a Republican National Committee lunch later last week in Dallas, Governor Greg Abbott affirmed the urgency of the situation. He promised, “We will secure the borders of Texas, and we will make Joe Biden pay for it.” In the El Paso area, the Army’s Fort Bliss is housing large migrant populations, and still more come.

2.      Americans are a generous people. Churches and other groups across the city and county are providing foot, water, clothing, and other necessities to migrants while authorities are processing them, because a migrant who enters America illegally does not thereby forfeit his or her human needs. Churches and community groups must combine compassion for the immigrants with deference to the magistrates in this crisis.

3.      The Federal Government, working with state governments, must secure the border (Build the Wall) before any further discussions on immigration reform.

In El Paso, I had the opportunity to see the border situation first hand. This report describes my findings and thoughts, and I welcome good natured feedback and discussion. Thanks for being on our GOP team.


Mark D. Harris

Chairman, West Virginia Republican Party

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